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How to copy Sony DV 16:9 to normal DVD



I am trying to copy a batch of 16:9 mini-DV created by Sony DV Handycam to a single normal DVD disk via Creator 9, but without much success for Create DVD (and Quick DVD) I've tried. Even if I have set the project to 16:9 and it also detected as the mini-DV as 16:9, the imported/added (tried both options) recorded it as 4:3. Is there anyone has success in doing so. What's the best and quick tool to use her? Any trick on copying multiple mini-DVD to a single DVD?



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First there i nothing about video editing that is 'quick'. ;)


To capture:

Connect your Camcorder VIA FIREWIRE. Not by the included USB cable.

Open Media Import

Select the Video TAB and then your camcorder.

DO NOT capture to MPEG 2 file. There is a known bug and it definitely loses the 16:9 flag. Capture only as DV AVI.

Most of us have learned through experience that capturing to smaller files (10 to 15 min each) makes editing much faster.

Use those capture files in a Videowave production if you are going to do much editing.

Then use the Videowave production file in a MyDVD project to create the final disc, ISO or video folder.


I have no problem creating 16:9 using this method.

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