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MyDVD Express will not burn

E Mitchell


Trying to put ~8 Gb movie on a 4.7 Gb disc. Using MyDVD Express module of Easy Creator 9, which supposedly is the tool to perform just that sort of task. Extracts OK (I think), then cues me to select options. When I select "burn disc" button, nothing happens. The "crawlers" indicating progress do nothing. I can let the program crank away for 30-45 minutes and still nothing. I have followed the directions in the "Help" portions of the program. I downloaded the users manual for Easy Creator 9, and MyDVD Express is not even mentioned in that document. I have "Asked Roxanne" and again the entry "My DVD Express" is not even located in the database.


Perhaps I am not holding my mouth right?

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8 GB into 4.3 won't fit


You would have to make a .iso of the disc and then use Disc Copy to shrink that to the target disc


However, if it's a commercial DVD, then nothing in the suite will copy it - it's illegal

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