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Label Creator does no longer recognize printer





(I have sent this question to support too, but since it's very urgent (there are impatient customers waiting for their CDs...) I thought it's best to post it here as well.)


After first installation everything worked fine, my layouts printed as they should. Later I wanted to move my printer (which was on another computer) to the same computer where EMC is installed.

This failed due to printer hardware issues, so I moved the printer back to the other computer again.


Since then I have a printing problem with Label Creator (no other application). Selecting "print" the print button is greyed out. However, I can calibrate etc, and check printer properties & print test page!


Unselecting/Selecting again the thumbnail image in the lower left of layout window makes print button active, but not functional. Hitting "print" results in no action whatsoever.


I would suspect some "residue" of the shortlived local printer installation is causing this, but why is this single aspect of Label Creator (mind you, not calibration/setup!) the only application where I have a problem?


I did of course try re-installation, which made no difference.


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,


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Hi James,


Thank you very much for trying to help! Good ideas, but unfortunately deleting the printer from all computers didn't help. (I didn't really think it would, since I could print from all computers and any software, except the labels in EMC.)


I did like you suggested and tried to install the software at the old computer (the one the printer is connected to), but got a message saying that my operative system (W2000) isn't supported.


Since I'll be off in less than a day I decided to purchase another neat little program. Designing and printing new labels and covers worked just fine, so I'm OK now. Thanks anyway!

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No one has any ideas? I'm getting a bit desperate here, because on Thursday I'll be off on vacation and I really need to send the ordered CDs before that (and make some more to bring with me).


Support replied after two days, but even though it's clear from my question that I can print test/calibrate pages even from within EMC they closed the ticket and all they wrote was this:


"Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support

Make sure the printer is shared.Also make sure the other PC can see it on the network and you can print a test page from both PCs"


I opened the ticket again, but haven't heard a word since.

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The problem is the printer install and not the software!


I would remove any and all traces of that printer from every PC it serves. Then I would install it, carefully following the manufactures directions on the PC it is connected to. (many printers today have to be installed without the printer connected!!!)


Only after that proves successful would I install it as a network printer on the other PCs.


In a pinch, could you install Roxio on the PC with the printer and work from there?

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