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Problems creating DVDs and menus



I have problems with Easy Media Creator 9. I create the menus with using my own background, chapters, menus, buttons the way I want them, and for some reason after waisting blank dvd discs after another, I find out they are not encoded properly, in one DVD player the sound is interupted every 30 sec to a minute, and counts each time it does it instead of counting the time.

Next problem that occurs in every Dvd player, each movie after the first one on the menu, when started it won't start from the begining, it will start a few minutes into the movie, even though each movie on the menu settings are to start at chapter one. When I first installed the program it asked me to download a fix for Windows media player beacause it might not encode properly, and linked me right to the microsoft update page to download it. I did that...


When adding movies to a menu after a certain amout of movies, it starts to ask, menu full, want to create a new submenu? I click no and it still puts the movie on the menu even though it's full..


allot of movies that I add are in between 1 minute to 30 minutes, So I will add around ten movies on the menu, and they are old commercials and previews, So I put allot of chapters around 30 secs to 2 min per chapter. I'm wondering if all this mentioned would create the problems?


I have a dell Dimension 2.4 ghz processor, and 512 mb ram



Hopefully somebody that knows this program more then I do will be able to help me fix these problems....Thanks....



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You really need a new video card. Geforce 2? I think that chipset was probably designed for DirectX 6 or 7 so there is no way it can do the hardware render. Also make sure you have plenty (10GB or more) of hard drive empty space and that it is defragmented.

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First thing to do is to get a DVD RW disc or two to play around with so you aren't wasting media!


Then you should try a New Project and select the one with No Menus. Add many of your clips and burn it. This will test to see if the audio or skipping problems are present when using the most primitive of Projects.


You did not list your Video Card, but even without knowing, we always recommend that you see if there is an update to the driver for that card!


Any more info you can provide about Project and the settings you are using will help. There is no charge for providing extra details!

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the card is a Nivdia GE Force2 MX/MX 400


It did ask to download updates and I did and after Roxio did a video test to work with the speed of the video card. I've also been using the SONY DVDRs


I'll have to go to walmart and buy a few RW discs, I'll try creating dvds without menus and a few other things and get back to you....



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