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Support for new model burners


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I see a couple of posts here regarding ECDC v6 not working with new model burner. I had this problem and here is my workaround (not much testing done as yet).


Environment - WinXPsp2, IE7, IE7pro, WMP11. Burner is Pioneer DVR-112D installed in Dell GX270.


Scenario as follows;

1. Install drive. Unistall Roxio v5 Basic, do not reboot. Run Roxio zap to complete uninstall. Reboot.

2. Install Creator classic and drag to disc components only of platinum edition (this was all I wanted to install at this point in time). reboot. Roxio recongnises the drive.


3. At this point I noted the upper and lower filter regestery entries (refer method 2 in this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060/en-us ).

Lower Filters - Cdr4_xp

Upper Filters - Cdralw2k pwd_2k.


Now look at the drivers for your burner in device manager. You will note 3 are Roxio files all version cdr4_xp.sys, cdralw2k.sys and pwd_2k.sys.


4. I then installed engine update v6.2.0.134. After reboot I received a message to reboot again due to registery change. I believe this is generated by \program files\common files\roxio shared\upgrade\roxassist.exe? I then checked registery again and Cdralw2k had gone missing from upper filters. WinXP could use the drive but ECDC v6 could not see it. Device manager showed no Cdralw2k driver file.


5. After reboot I continued and installed creator classic and D2D updates v6.2.0.111 and v6.2.0.110 respectively, reboot but still no drive seen by ECDC.


6. I then edited the registery and put back what was taken out of upper filters. Syntax is very important here. Right click the upper filter value and select modify. Clear the text that is there. Type in Cdralw2k "and press the return key, not space" . Now type pwd_2k .


Next rather than reboot I unistalled burner from device manager. The right click and 'scan for hardware changes'.


Voila, ECDC could now see the drive and I had all 3 Roxio drivers back in device manager version


Note I have also used a Pioneer SATA DVR-212 with SATA to IDE convertor. However ECDC v6 was already installed and there were no problems and have successfully performed f/w updates, data, video and audio disks, WinXP-SP2, IE7, WMP11. So maybe that is a simple trick. Install with old drive, do not run drive update (not to be confused with engine update), swap old drive out after install.

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We'll have to wait and see, I guess.


However in the meantime it indicates we can't just write off a problem because the customer has IE7 and/or WMP11 installed, doesn't it.


Still, that's science for you.




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