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DLA crashed, disc reads as blank (but isn't!)



Hi. I had recently saved two folders of photos onto a CD-R using DLA - and subsequent access confirmed that they were definitely saved on the disc, and working. I had not made them accessible on any machine, as I planned to add more folders.


Today, I began to transfer two more folders to the same disc, using drag and drop through DLA. The program crashed, showing as non-responsive, part way through, and the only way out was to restart the machine.


After that, the disc takes ages to read, and when eventually it does read it, it says it's blank, and wants me to format it. I know the folders from my session some weeks ago must still be on there, but I can't access them on any machine I've tried (DLA or not).


Can anybody help me rescue the photos that are on the disc? I have no other copies of them, and they have sentimental value (christening of God-daughter etc)



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