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adding multiple audio clips to select groups of clips



I am editing a vacation video with a combination of pictures and video clips using Videowave. I need to be able to add different audio tracks to different sections of my production(more than one clip, but not the entire production). I do not want the same music throughout. I want the natural audio at times and than switch to different audio clips that work with different portions of my production. I had the old Roxio program, and all you had to do was group a section of clips, add audio, fade in, out and select start and end point. I have tried doing the same thing with Roxio 9, but the audio track keeps applying to the entire production. When I went to timeline view and double clicked on music, the window where you drag the arrows popped up, but the pre-set start and end points are in a completely different section of the production than where I want it to be, and I am unable to drag the arrows to where they need to be. Is there an easier way or do I need to finish the production and use a different part of the Roxio software to add multiple audio clips after I am finished?


Thanks for any tips

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To change the volume of the background audio (so that you can hear the natural audio), please do the following.


After adding your pictures and videos, go to the "Timeline View" and scroll over untill you find the divide between your pictures and video (in my case, erat.jpg and slideshow.mpg). Then press the highlighted button below.



You may also find it helpful to click on "Show/Hide" tracks and then check "Native" under the Audio track list. This will show you the waveform of the native audio stream and let you adjust its volume.


Now add volume nodes by clicking on the waveform.


Then adjust the volume by clicking & dragging the nodes.



In my example, I have raised the volume of the native audio track and faded the background music track to silence. I could have added a fade in on the native audio track using the same method that I used to make the fade out, but decided not to.


Now go to the end of the video (where you want the background audio to come back in), add more nodes and adjust them.



I believe that is what you were asking for. If you have any other questions just ask.

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Thanks for the help, but what if I want 6 or 7 different music tracks to start and stop at various points throughout the production? I can get one audio track to behave, but how do I use multiple audio track overlays at different parts of the production? In my production for example, the first group is a combination of pictures and clips, and I need the music to play during the entire chosen section, than stop. I was able to make that part work, but when I want to add a new music track to a set of clips later in the production, I can not get the 2nd song to play where I want it to. Some clips will just be native, with no background audio. Does Roxio 9 not allow multiple sound and music clip overlays to be used in one production?

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Click on the Show/Hide Tracks to enable more tracks. There are 32 tracks in all (internal/external).


From sknis:


In "Normal" : Main Video, Native audio, 5 text tracks, 5 overlay tracks, 2 FX tracks, Music Track, Narration Track, and sound effects. =17

Internal tracks: 5 text tracks, 5 overlay tracks, 2 FX tracks, Music track, Narration track and sound track = 15

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Thanks for the help, but what if I want 6 or 7 different music tracks to start and stop at various points throughout the production?


Yes Kimberlee, Roxio will do all that and more. It's actually quite easy ONCE you know the "How To" of it all.

I too was lost in this, but hope the pictures provided from myself and others get you going.




By hovering over the RIGHT edge of a highlighted audio track, you can drag to shorten that audio track. Note: Sometimes when you re-open that production, you might have to again shorten the audio tracks. Alternate method is to "Clip" the audio tracks to the length you need, THEN do your positioning and any required fades you wants.









Notice on this last picture on the first two audio tracks that I have actually OVERLAYED my two audio tracks with the first fading out as the first is fading in. This is a good example as to why you may want TWO tracks for your audio.


Good luck and keep us posted on your progress or any additional help you may need.

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