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Retrieve problems

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I'm trying to pull files from an archive of 9 DVDs.


Retrieve seems to have some problems, so I'm wondering if there is any alternative using the disks that have already been created. Does the later Roxio software use the same utility, or is the software any better?


Retrieve can't stop and start again to just overwrite files (or check to see if the latest is already on the drive) - it tells me that the files are in use by another application. If I run into a problem with a file I have to Skip manually, or else restart and then load to a different location.


I understand that the recommendation is to not use Spanned DVDs, but this is pretty hard if you want to do a simple backup. And impossible if you have a file that is larger than a DVD.


Is there any other software that would be better for Scanned DVDs (still hoping to get the files off these disks).




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Did you try the things I suggested which are pined at the top of this conference?


If this does not help, then the programs suggested by Daithi are an excellent choice.


Likewise, the advice concerning spanned discs… What good is a "simple backup" if you can not recover the files???

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