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Problem with dvdit pro hd



I have a problem with dvdit pro hd.


when i am trying to make a Blu-ray iso file or when i am trying to burn it on BD-RE,

i allways get an error "memory allocation error".


The only way to avoid this error is to delete the subtitles.


The subtitles is in txt format for dvdit and in perfect timing, thats why i get no error when i am adding the subtitles, only when i am trying to burn it.


Because i read another post with the same problem, i did everything (unistall and install the program again, check the virtual memory, i have also formatted my disk) but the problem consist.


I have burn before another blu-ray project and sometimes i got this error, but after a lot of trying i manage to burn it.


My pc is: core duo e6600 2,40Mhz with 3096gb ram.


Please help and sorry for my bad English.

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Thank you for your reply.


Can you tell me how can i do that in Vista?


DVDIt isn't supported for vista... Theres no guarantee that it will work on it...


I don't have vista, but do a search for disk defragmenter, or consult the all-knowning google: here.


And yeah, don't use your computer while its defragmenting.

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I just finished formatting my second hard disk.

This time i tried dvdit pro in windows xp.


The problem remains "memory allocation error -1".


Something i didn't mention before, is that the movie i am trying to burn is Mpeg2 1920 x 1080, the audio is ac3 5.1 , the subtitles is 23,976Fps .txt format and the size of the project is 24,750gb.

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