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Buzz Issues


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Tried BUZZ. It seemed to edit/truncate the end of the file as intended, but I could not save the file as an ".AVI" file, which it originally was. It would only save as a".wma" file. After four and a half painfull hours of transcoding, it came out upside down...(heavy sigh).


How can I save it right-side up, and as an ".AVI" file?



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Wow. 4.5 hours? How long was the video file, what speed is your computer, and what version of Windows Media Player are you using? Also, how was the AVI file created?


The "export" function in Buzz only outputs to WMV and we use standard Microsoft Directshow filters for decoding AVI and encoding WMV.


For more advanced output options, get Roxio VideoWave - you can output to almost anything.


As for why it came out upside down, there may be something strange about the file settings. Is there a small version of the file you can upload to us?

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