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Sonic DLA Problems



I'm running on a Dell 2.4 Ghz Pent 4 with two cd drives . One is a read only and the other is a CD-RW. I have been backing up my data on the RW drive for the past couple of years with no problems using Sonic's DLA ver ( I think). Yesterday I tried to replace the current CD in the drive with another back up CD, I got the following Message when I inserted the new CD " Sonic DLA... Please wait while your media is updated" when this happenned my system froze and the only way I could proceed was to power down using the power on/off button. Power comes up and the CD in the drive seems to R/W OK. All is well until I put in a new CD , I tried a newly formated one and also one with data on it. I got the same result System freezes.

Any ideas as to wht is going on? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Packet-Writing (Sonic's DLA, Roxio's DirectCD and Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, etc) is NOT a reliable way to backup data, altho it can be an excellent way to permantly LOSE the data.


Files on a Packet-Written disc can require the exact same combination of Operating System and Program Version to read it as were used to write it, and can fail for any reason or no reason at all.


If you can still get the data off your orilginal DLA CD and burn it to CD using a sessions-based writing program - such as Sonic's Data Disc program (That's what it's called in RecordNow Deluxe 7, it may have changed) or WinXP's built-in burning (which works like Packet-Writing but is actually sessions) - it would be highly advisable to do so.


If not, you might check the disc with a recovery program, such as cdroller (www.cdroller.com) or ISOBuster (www.isobuster.com) - both have impressive testimonials on their websites and in the Roxio boards. Both have a "trial" Version which lets you see if anything can be recovered before you have to pay.


And I'd suggest in the future, don't use Packet-Writing for anything that doesn't involve keeping the original file in it's original location - for example, for moving files between computers when you don't have access to a Flash drive (aka Pen / Thumb / Keychain / Jump drive) or External Hard Drive.



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Thanks for your sugestions, I agree that using packet writing is not really a good way to back up data that is to be taken to another machine. I also backup to a Zip Drive for that purpose. My real problem is that regardless of what I use the drive for when I try to change the Cd that is in the drive my system crashes and I have to power down with the powewr on/off button. Not being able to change the CD is not very good. Thanks again

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