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Unlink album name to cd. Help



I copied a cd that I bought from itunes using easy media 9. The tracks are .cda not mp3.

When I went to copy the cd, media 9 said there are 2 album names it found in the database that matches my cd and it asked me to select one of the two album names.

I selected the wrong album name in error.

Now everytime I put the cd into the pc drive Roxio shows the album name I selected even though it is the wrong name. How do I unlink the name in media 9 to that particular cd.

I tried everything and am out of ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Ok,think I know what's wrong.When you're trying to use the file view in Media MAnager it's looking for a valid media file type,mp3,wav,wma etc....

If you look at a cd with it it doesn't find any because cda's are not actual media file types.All they are is pointers to the actual PCM on the disc.

To understand better,if you were to open Windows Explorer and copy one of the cda files to your hard drive and then tried to play it with say WMP it wouldn't work,there's no music.So what I told you to do won't work,Media Manager doesn't see the disc that way.


Try this.Put the disc back in and open Disc Copier.On the right side hit CD-Text Options.When you get that open there are 3 little symbols next to the Language option.Hit the one to the farthest right and choose "Lookup on Internet".See if it comes back with 2 choices.If it does choose the correct one.If not hit the other choice to edit/submit.It should come back and tell you the info is already there and do you want to delete it.Choose yes and then redo the process,this time choosing the correct one.Let's see if this works.

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You could open Media Manager.Go to the folder view.Find the tracks and right click on them one at a time.When you do hit "edit audio tags" and manually change the album names.

You could also do the same thing and hit the Music ID button and see if it comes back with 2 different choices again and choose the correct one.

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