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How to show that an main menu option is selected?



I'm creating a music DVD containing 4 albums in Music Disc Creator.


The top (main) menu screen on the DVD displays the title of the project and then these entries:

  • Track Lists
  • All Tracks
  • Tracks (A-Z)
  • Album
Each of these is a link for a different way of displaying the available tracks.


If you click on any of those options, you'll get a screen that shows the that menu's options. Each option has an icon to the left which changes color to indicate that it's the currently selected option. That's very helpful.


But on the top (main) menu (when you see the four options I listed above) you don't see any icons, so you can't tell which option, if any, is selected. It makes the DVD very difficult to use because you have to guess about what's going on.


Is there a way to make it obvious which option is selected? It'd be much easier to use my DVD if I could add an icon which change when the option is selected, or if the option's text changed colors in the way they do with links in HTML.

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That's interesting, Tbrewst.


I changed the color of the text to white, so maybe I've lost the color change that was orginally in the built-in style.


Have you found a way to indicate that there should be a color change in the text properties box or elsewhere?

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I can't find anything that would indicate that.It's possible that the color change did it although I went in,created a new project,seleted a style,changed the color and I still get a color change when moving the mouse over a selection.I guess if you changed the color to the same color it changes to you may have a problem,again I'm just guessing.

I noticed that depending on what menu style you choose decides the default color of the text and what color it changes to when you hover your mouse over it.

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That's it. I used the same color: white.


It might be possible to change the mouse-over color in this file, but it's not written in a way that it's easy to understand what details to tweak:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_ACCOUNT\Local Settings\Application Data\EMC9_Themes\YOUR_STYLE.xml


The text color is this line:

<cr>255</cr> (that's red)

<cr>4194368</cr> (that's black)

<cr>16777215</cr> (I think that's white, but I'm not sure)

in a numbered style. But I haven't figured out whether the mouse-over color setting is changeable this xml file.

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At least now we figured it out.You'll just have to watch changing the text colors.I guess when you make one leave it as the default,do a preview and see what it changes to and then just don't choose that one for your color.I know that could be a pain but better safe than sorry.

Anyways,glad we got it and have fun burning.

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