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Volume Problems





I purchased Sonic CinePlayer to use to watch movies on my computer. I love it, except now I cant get sufficient volume when watching movies. My volume is normal on every other application (games, webpages, music, etc) except when watching movies.


I have been into every volume adjustment that I know of. I used the control panel volume (and went into all of the sub-menus for individual speaker volume, advanced volume controls). I even went into the properties on my DVD player and adjusted volumes in there.


Has anyone else had this problem?



I have an Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, a gig of memory, a Radeon 9800 pro (with Omega drivers) and my sound card is an SB Audigy 4. Im using a 3.5 mm jack running directly from my sound card (with a splitter which I tested sound with and without the splitter). I'm running Windows XP.



Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can turn my desktop speakers all the way up and only get slightly lower than normal volume for a movie, whereas any other application my speakers turned all the way up would wake the neighbors.



Thanks in advance for any help.




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I know you said you've checked but in CinePlayer if you go to the options (little gear looking thingy at top),DVD,Audio make sure that the type of speakers matches the kind you have (Stereo,5.1,etc...).This would definately make a difference.Also hit the advanced button and make sure when the sound properties comes up hit the advanced button there and do the same.

The only other thing about sound in CinePlayer would be the volume control,make sure it's up to 100%.

Other than that I can't think of a reason your volume would be reduced only in CinePlayer.

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Now you have me wondering...



I only have the Sonic Cineplayer symbol down in my lower right hand corner that shows programs that are running. When I right click on it to show options, I only have this:


Lauch Media Player (in bold lettering)


Uprgrade to Sonic Cineplayer

Cineplayer Store

Cineplayer Homepage

Cineplayer Support






When I launch My media player it doesnt say anything about Sonic anywhere. It just brings up WMP and that's it.


My actual folder in my C drive says that I have a DVD Pack. I'm not sure, cause it's been a while, but I know I paid for something to allow me to watch movies with my DVD player. I'm assuming that's what the DVD pack is.


I can't find the Cineplayer options anywhere on my Media player. I even tried running it on Real or Divx, still don't see the little gear you are talking about.


This is probably something simple that I'm missing.

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Sounds like what you have is the Cineplayer decoder pack.All that is is a plugin for WMP that allows you to watch DVD's with WMP.

WMP doesn't natively play DVD's.You have to have a plugin that allows it.There are various ones out there.

So,I don't think that Cineplayer itself is actually there,just the decoder.

That being said,all the volume would be controlled by something in Windows like WMP,the system volume or something.

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