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EMI has DRM free sales boom


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At the end of the article, it mentions that CD sales are still dropping.


Frankly, I don't see why that should be a surprise.


The teenagers that I know don't purchase CDs.


All their music is downloaded from Napster or iTunes onto their mp3 players and/or computers where they listen to music while they surf.

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As far as that goes, used CD shops I'm aware of have taken space from used CDs and given it to used DVDs, used game discs, LPs (I don't think those come "new" any more), CD-Rs, CD cases, t-shirts ...


I think CDs have come and are in the process of going. :blink:



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If the price of a cd wasn't ridiculous then maybe sales wouldn't slump.It's cheaper to go to iTunes,download the whole cd for $9.99 and burn it to a cd than it is to go to the store and pay 15 or 16 bucks for the same disc.

True the quality may be a bit less but to most people it really isn't discernable,especially if you don't hear them in a comparative test.

I used to buy cd's like crazy,I have probably 14 or 15 hundred of them.With the advent of downloading I can now get just the tunes I like for around 99 cents (or less) and not have to buy the rest of the stuff on the cd.You have to deal with DRM (or in EMI's case,not) but as we all know there are ways to use even those tunes with a little work.

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