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Capture Internet Video?



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FWIW as Jean posted there is a huge variety of ways that video can be hosted online... Depending on the type of file and the way it's delivered, there are also many, many tools avail. AS Jean wrote sometimes you get lucky and it's stored in the cache folder, but if not I'd suggest googling on the type of web video plus maybe including the web site itself. Once you have the original, then you can hopefully use EMC9 to convert it if needed, though not every format is supported.


It is possible to record anything that plays on your screen, though you'll often take a quality hit compared to the original. This isn't the purpose of regular capture hardware or software, but rather another class of software. that you can find by googling. The older version of ZD Soft's app is free, but later versions (& many other brands) are not free. VirtualDub experimental has recently included screen capture and is free, but I don't know if it will do other than full screen, or if it will work on your system.

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No, not from web sites (don't know about Hauppauge PVR). But Real player 11 beta can save/record many streaming videos including .flv files (except if the stream is DRM protected).




Some sites download the file into your temporary internet files folder, and you can copy it from there after you have let the download complete. Again, this does not work for all sites, some download a.DAT file, not the actual video, but always worth a quick look in TIF folder (details view, sort by size as usually the videos will be large files).

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