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Blank Dvd-r Not Found In Drive By Emc8





Running WinXP home and just uninstalled RecordNow Deluxe 7 cleaning up after I was done then installed EMC8.


EMC 8 installed with no problems. had visited the forum in advance and dowloaded a couple of tools to run before and after installation to avoid freezing up Explorer after inserting a disc. (rxfix & Disable Rx filter) I am running PC-cillin Internet Security and had read of a possible conflict.


I did a trial burn using a CD-R with no problem yet a blank DVD-R is not showing up and EMC 8 keeps asking me to insert a blank disc. I did not have this issue before using RecordNow Max.


Any suggestions would be appreciated because I mainly purchased this software to make Music DVDs.


Thank you.

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This may help:


Roxio Knowledge Base Article - EE8000008


Title: You have a general issue burning your disc.


Application: Easy Media Creator 8

Applicable Operating Systems:


Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Home / Pro / Media Center

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition


When burning a CD or DVD, you receive an error or burning does not complete.


Burning errors can happen for a variety of reasons. Roxio has found that doing the following steps resolves about 80% of all burning issues. Please give all these steps a try and see if it fixes your writing problems.

1. Update your drive's firmware/drivers. Most companies regularly update their firmware and drivers. If you are unsure what model your burner is and its firmware, click here to find out.

2. Enable DMA. Direct Memory Access enables better efficiency of data. For more info, check how to enable DMA.

3. Be sure that you're media is clean, unused, and the recommended media from your burner's manufacturer. Try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems.

4. If your burner is external, make sure it is connected directly to the computer via USB/Firewire and not a hub or other other device like a sound card.

5. If you have a MyDVD 5.x (and up), DVDit! 5.x (and up), or RecordNow! 6 (and up), you may need to update the Sonic Record Engine .

6. Finally, a reinstall of the burners drivers may also help.

o Go into My Computer-->Control Panel-->System.

o Click the "Hardware" tab, then "Device manager".

o Expand "DVD/CD-ROM Drives", then select your burner and uninstall it by right clicking on it.

o Reboot

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