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How do I copy and burn an MPEG4?



I just bought Toast and Crunch. I have them running on an iMac g5, OS 10.4.9. with superdrive. I have two MPEG 4 files on my desktop, both TV programs, and every time, with either program, when I try to drag the files (each about 570 MB) to either of the programs, I get the message that the video files are an unsupported format and cannot be imported. I had downloaded these two TV programs using iTunes. I bought Crunch today (download) because your website said it could work with MPEG 4s, and I bought it after I was unsuccessful with your Toast program. Frustrating!! Why can't I copy the MPEG4 video files into one of your programs so I can burn them to a DVD?


Following the instructions you provide with Toast, I have selected video, then DVD-Video, then drag the video file to the Toast page as instructed, and then I get the unsupported format message. Same thing with Crunch. The only way I can get your program to accept my video file is to select Data, then DVD-ROM, but then of course it will not play the TV show on my home DVD player. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

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