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Big issues - OS wont load after install



Here it is, I loaded media 9 twice. The first time, Windows took much too long to boot, then told me that my hardware changed and needed reactivation of windows. Booted to safe mode, did system restore, and tried to reinstall media 9. This time, windows still took forever to load, my desktop was changed to the "best performance" setting, and Roxio wouldnt load at all, so i rolled back the install again and put 7 back on. Any ideas anyone? and thanks in advance!

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The 'activation' is down to Windows itself - it has been known to kick in with a new printer/scanner installed.


Rolling back has probably removed updates and updated drivers as well as removing an installed program.


You could try for a re-install of the drivers and also any needed MS updates (always totally ignoring the advice to install IE7 and WMP11 of course) but you may have to bite the bullet, re-format and re-install the OS (and then activate it again from a fresh, fully updated installation). Make sure you have all drivers updated before activating tho in case Windows moans about 'new' hardware

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