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Roxio is eating up my memory ?



Hi a file named Roxwatchtray9.exe is running when I don't use roxio. I found the file in the information box where I can see what programs and files there is running and use memory, I don't now what the box name is in english, sorry.


But the File is growing and growing and after 48 or 72 hours my computer says there is not enough memory ?

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That is Media Manager running a scan of your hard drive looking for Media files.You have 2 choices to stop it.

1)You can go to the tray,right click on the icon and click "Stop Watching Folders".This will stop it from scanning.

2)You can go to Start,Run and type in msconfig.When it opens go to the Startup tab and uncheck RoxWatchTray.Reboot your computer and when it does and a box pops up telling you you've changed the configuration just check the box telling it not to bug you again.This will stop Media Manager from starting at boot and takes the icon out of the tray.

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