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EMC 7.5

Brian J


We are currently using Creator 7.5 to create MP3 files for a registered charity Dunfermline Talking Newspapers for the blind.


Unfortunately when we use the option "create new MP3 disk" it does not automatically set the finalise CD option. This is causing a problem as there are 4 seperate teams working on a rota and unfortunately when you are copying and sending out 200 disks that will not work it is rather inconvenient - to say the least.


Can anyone advise how we can set this option (Read only Disc) to be ticked as a default either through a registry hack or through the preferences thus ensuring that the created CD will always be finalised without having to select the option on the burn screen (Read only Disc). This would certainly prevent the creation of a myriad of "coasters"


Any help would be appreciated


Brian Jermain



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I haven't used 7.x for a while now but what you should be able to do is to put all the mp3 files in a folder and from that add them to the project. In that, when you burn, burn to disc image (ie. make an image file on the hard drive). Open that with Disc Copier and the resultant CD will be finalised (it's also a shade faster for multiple copies as it doesn't have to actually do anything - all the stuff is done already in the image)

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Thanks for your help - unfortunately this would just add a further step in the process which some of the teams are already experiencing IT difficulties. The answer really is just to put the tick in the box on the burn screen but we have been unable to ensure that this is happening.


We only have to cut one master as we already have three DVD/CD duplicators which produce 10 copies at a time so I am loathe to put that additional step in.


I thought that we should be able to find how to set the tick box as a default as the program already does it for some of the options but not when creating an MP3 disc


Anyone else any other ideas?

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I'm thinking that the reason it does it is that an mp3 disc is really just a data disc with a playlist.When you make a data disc it does the same thing,probably because you can make a data appendable.A poor excuse but that's my guess.


I know you may not want to hear this either but another option would be going to v8 or 9 and in those when you make an mp3 disc it automatically makes it read only.

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Thanks for trying




I'm wondering about something here . . .

Since an mp3 disc really is a data disk, the mp3's and playlist are written in a data track in a session which, by definition, is closed when the writing of that data track concludes. I've never run across a situation where a properly written and closed session on a cd-r could not be processed later on. This isn't the same as if we were burning a digital audio disc in track-at-once mode where the disc usually cannot be read by a standalone player until the disk is closed. Are we sure the issue here is related to whether the disc has been finalized or not?

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