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Trial Version Has Expired & File Dates on EMC9 CD



Has anyone noted the file dates on the EMC9 CD are way off, some folders have files with 1/9/1784, 1/12/2027, 1/1/2028, 10/23/2064. and 12/22/2085...


Does this seem to be a concern with any program let alone one that is as touchy as EMC9 is...

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What files are you talking about? I just did a random check in the Roxio subfolders and all the ones I looked at showed December 2006.


Let us know the filenames and what folder they're in and I can check again but I haven't fouind anything untoward in any file I've looked at.


btw - if your problem is that the program has 'reverted' to a trial version, you should know that this is normally down to Norton One Button Cleanup. For some reason best known to Symantec, this is erasing a registry entry and that's what causes that

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