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This is a User forum, not support.


Personally I would pick one or the other programs and delete both. Then only install one of them.


Before doing that, you could try running a Repair option from Add/Remove Programs.


If that's true, then just why does it say Roxio.com Support on the banner at the top and Why did I have to access the forums via the support menu? Sorry if I expected Support when I arrived here following the support links. I don't think it's too much to expect a decent answer even in a User community to a decent question.


In anycase, I've removed the EMC 9 XE upgrade as well as EMC 8 XE that Mad Dog installed over my complete and licensed version of EMC 8 Premiere. I've reinstalled EMC 8 Premiere and it now gives me error messages. I'm leary of upgrading to the EMC 9 Premiere because of the problems I've read about it and DivX.


I've been a licensed and paid in full VideoWave user since version 3. I just want to be able to make my 3D Animations into videos and DVD's.

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The DivX 'problem' is very easily solved. Check MTolman's post here


On a different point - EMC9 XE is a special Maddog version and support for that is supposed to be supplied by them


Well I took both XE versions off my machine. I prefer my fully functional EMC 8 Premiere. It does the job. The only thing I liked about the XE version was that you could Control Click Multiple files and it would ask if you wanted them to all load as one movie or separately as clickable menu items. EMC 8 premiere just loads them all as one item. I'm not wanting to downgrade to the mad dog XE version for just that feature. Especially with as many things as it broke by installing itself over my full version of EMC 8. Thanks for teh link to the DivX fix. It might get me to upgrade my EMC 8 premiere! ;)

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I'm not sure if that 'fix' will apply to v8. It was to correct a bug in v9 that had a problem with the DivX files placement more than anything else


I don't have any DivX problems with 8. I was leery of upgrading to version 9 because I'd heard bad things but your fix seems to address those issues. I'll probably upgrade to EMC 9 when payday swings around.

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