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Sound Editor / Waveform tracking



Just bought EMC9 to replace EMC7.


In 7, when I used the sound editor, the playback position "tracked" in the sound editor window, which made editing a breeze.


In 9, so far, I can't find a way to make the playback position always visible. I click on playback and once the edit bar disappears off the sound editor window, I'm left guessing as to where I am. Is there no way to keep the current position on screen?


Kindest Regards

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Have you tried using one of the 4 zoom controls?


Using those controls is where the problem lies! As I zoom out, so I can see more detail, the the tool doesn't keep the current positon in the window. As I said in my original post, it did it in version 7, so why not in version 9?

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I can't reproduce that in EMC 9. The position marker remains stationary in the window as I zoom in, i.e. expand the timeline (or back out again). If I make a selection of a section of the track, the start position of the selection remains stationary.

Or maybe I don't understand whatt you mean?

PS added pic


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