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DVD Audio - Is it possible?



I record live concerts with a Sound Devices 722 digital audio recorder at 24 bit 192 khz. I use Peak Pro to edit and convert to the desired bit and sampling rate.


Is it possible to use Toast 8 to burn a disc that will play on DVD Audio units at a resolution higher than what CD offers? Specifically, can Toast 8 let me burn a DVD at either 24/96 or 24/192 that will play on a DVD Audio player?


The Toast 8 manual makes only one reference that I can find to DVD Audio on page 76 that simply says "A Music DVD should not be confused with a DVD Audio disc. DVD Audio discs require a special DVD player." It never says whether it will or it won't.


When recording a Music DVD, 96khz 24 bit is offered as an option. After burning a DVD with this setting, I have never been able to get the audio play on any DVD player.


If Toast 8 can't do this, any other software recommendations?


Any perspective or help will be appreciated.

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