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When You Print, How Do You Attach The Prints To A Disk?



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Most often if you buy a labeling kit you get an applicator that helps align the label and in some cases adds pressure so that the label sticks good.If you just bought a pack of labels I would think you're going to have trouble lining them up good.

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When you print a DVD label, how do you paste it onto the disk? Do you like paste it or something? Last time I tried, it fell off and almost broke my driver... help?

Right... the key is to print onto a sticky, self-adhesive label, not plain paper. Take a look at your nearest office supply store, they'll have CD labels ready to print and peel. Hopefully you'll also have an "alignment tool" to help get them centered onto the disc. (I used to do it by hand, but believe me, using one of the tools is much handier.) Also, when you're peeling the label off the page, peel the page away from the label, not the label away from the page. It helps keep it from curling and pulling up later.


Hope that helps!

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