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Cant' restore files from a 2 disk span



I backed up my pictures onto 2 recordable DVDs. Now, 3 months later I can't get most of the pictures back. It seems that the problems only occurs with the pictures in folders that were spanned.


I've read that there is a problem spanning large numbers of files, but that was fixed in Creator 6.0.4. I'm using 7.0.


I'm just using Explorer to look at the disks because when I click on the "Launch_Retrieve.exe" file nothing happens. Is there a way to get this file working, or is there another way to get my pictures back? I guess the pictures are ok, but the indexing information is wacky?

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Spanned discs are always problematic - but that's not a lot of comfort to someone who has the problem


You could try CDRoller or IsoBuster to see if it can access the files and, if so, then you can purchase the program to actually retrieve them (the trial version will let you see if they are still readable)

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Retrieve.exe is also included on the disc set and should Auto Run. You should be able to use Explorer to navigate to the disc that has it and run it from there.


The problem with manual direct recovery in Folders is that the files may be listed on Disc 1, but are actually on Disc 2.


There is only one file that is actually split and you cannot recover that one without Retrieve.exe which is needed to put it back together. – this assumes no structure damage to the disc.

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