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Convert Tracks Is Silent


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Under the most updated Roxio 6, I have somehow lost the ability to hear a preview of the track after pressing "Convert Track to..." Where there is the bar which allows you to adjust the start and end time of the track, I used to be able to press "play" and hear the track, which allowed me to hit precise start and end points. Now, for some reason, no audio is heard during this feature, even though the song is "playing." However I can hear audio if I just "play" the track from Creator Classic or any other software. It is only silent when I am trying to convert the track.


I really liked the feature when it worked because so many songs on CD have extraneous stuff added to them and all I want to hear is the song, so I like to use the start and end point feature to pull just the actual song from CD. But it is tough to hit the exact spots when you cannot hear the song playing. And another gripe is that you cannot pinpoint the start and end times using the keyboard to set it. sure, you can type in the numbers, but the track still will only record what you have clicked on as the start and end point and it ignores when you type it in.


Any ideas? (and yes the speakers are turned on, plugged in, and otherwise working!)




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