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Drag to Disc....does not recognize dvd..



I'm trying to burn photos to a verbatim dvd+r and everytime I drag files and inset disc I get a message to insert a dvd when one is already inserted. I have Windows xp, IE7. I've burned pics before but it's been sometime. Anyone encounter this type of problem? Please help.





Not sure what other info is needed....I'll provide whatever. I also updated firmware.

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Uninstall IE7 - it wrecks EMC 7 and 8 and also WMP11 if you installed that as well


Both those are Vista apps that were backp[orted to XP and made changes in the OS kernel and messed up a lot of programs

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And if this is something you want to KEEP, rather than simply transfer to another computer, it is not a good idea to use Drag2Disc. If you don't believe that, put either "Drag2Disc" or "D2D" (without he quotes) in search (click on it in the upper right portion of the page) and read some of the desperate posts from people who did that and want the data back.


Use Classic Creator (and R media).



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