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Lightscribe USB DVD burner drive not recognized by Label Creator



I've been having trouble with my Lightscribe USB DVD burner drive not being recognized by Label Creator in some situations. Here's the scenario:


I create an image of a disc using Music Disc Creator. If I begin my day by opening Label Creator, the program has no trouble seeing the Lightscribe USB drive. The trouble occurs the second time I use Label Creator in the same session (meaning without shutting the system down, or exiting the program and shutting down the drive).


I've usually got both Disc Copier and Label Creator open because I go back and forth in working with them.

I use Disc Copier to burn a CD, flip the disc over, and then switch to using Label Creator in order to print a Lightscribe label on the same disc.


Most of the time, when I go back to Label Creator, it doesn't recognize the Lightscribe USB drive. Label Creator will only offer the other printers on my system. I have to close Label Creator and use the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature to turn of the disc drive. Then when a restart the drive and Label Creator it all works fine.


(Last time I checked, there was no firmware update for the Samsung SE-S184M drive.)


Can you think of anything that would fix this?

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Thanks Gi7omy, I've been on the Lightscribe site several times but never found that page.


Yesterday I tried several updates, both to the Lightscribe software and the disc drive's firmware. It seems to be working better. I'm not sure what did the trick, but I'm pleased anyway.


Here's one detail that may be helpful to others. I have the Samsung SE-S184M DVD-Writer. The guts are really a SH-S182M drive. According to Samsung tech support and their website, there are no updates for the SE-S184M. But there are updates for the SH-S182M, and they seem to work on the newer drive.


Similarly, I downloaded and installed the automatic updater for the Samsung SH-182M. This updater may not be truly automatic. At least it hasn't done anything automatic for me yet. But you can run it manually and it will work.


I appreciate your suggestion!

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I'm sure you're right about cross flashing. In this case, I let the Samsung website's application decide which "ODD Firmware LiveUpdate" to install on my computer. Earlier I decided not to do it myself manually.


I think the SH is an internal, whereas this SE is an external USB drive with the very same internals as the SH. That would explain why the drive identifies itself as a SH-S182M (that's what I see on my computer, too). And that's probably why the Samsung site choose that version of the updater.


The drive seems to work, but this did make me nervous!

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