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How to Remove 2-second "Pre-Gap" on Track 01?



I'm running Dell-installed Roxio Creator Premier 9.0.116 on a brand new Dimension E520 running Vista Home Premium with 4 GB RAM and beaucoup harddrive. My primary use is burning live music in a lossless format with no gaps. I'm having a burning problem:


The Audio > Audio CD tab allows me to "Add Music" from my harddrive. But when I add it, the screen is automatically showing a 2-second "Pre-Gap" for Track 1. When I double-click on that track to get the "Edit CD Properties" screen, the Pre-Gap box shows 2 seconds but refuses to light up/ become active to let me reduce this to zero. The effect is that for Disc Two of a two-disc show, Roxio is adding an artificial two-second gap in the middle of the show. (While this might not bother me when I'm listening (since it's the start of the disc) it definitely is bad archiving and trading form -- besides messing up the integrity of a lossless file it also means that anyone I trade with can't recut the tracks, for example moving some to their own new Disc One, since they'll now get a gap in the middle.) So Question -- how do I get rid of this Track 1 two-second gap. I'm already at the DAO setting on the Options > Data screen also.

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