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Chapter Mark Troubles



Pleas tell me the trick to keep my chapters alive within MyDVD environment!

(EMC 8 had this problem upgraded to EMC 9 and still having this problem)


What I did so fare is:


1- Creating chapters (about 15) manually in MyDVD. As long as I stay in MyDVD everything works fine.


2- But saving the project as a .dmsd file and opening it again with MyDVD the trouble starts. In the "project view" window I can still see my chapter hierarchy. Clicking on a menu entry reveals that chapter thumbs are copied. Opening the "Edit Chapters" shows that only a view chapters are still alive. The chapter/thumb from the start of the video is still there and a couple of other chapters/thumbs are still in the list (quite random what is left).


3- Another route I followed is to create chapters in VideoWave. Saving the results in a .dmsm file. Now I managed to have a stable input file for MyDVD. No loss of chapters here.


Remark: The way I open the .dmsm file file with MyDVD is not by openign a project (MyDVD can not recognise .dmsm files from that point), but through "Add New Movies" from the "Menu Tasks". I think this is a little odd, but it works. One thing I need to do now is to open "Edit Chapters" and generate the chapters for MyDVD. Great, the chapters and the hierarchy is as it should be.


4- From this point saving the project in a .dmsd I will end up in point 2 again.


What do I miss? Am I using the wrong file format for saving my work? Do I need to know some special fiddling tricks to get it right? Help?


Do I sound desperate enough?

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