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Lose sound on conversion from PAL to NTSC



I found a thread on this board that told how to convert PAL to NTSC DVDs. It involves using the Media Browser to select files from a VIDEO_TS folder that had been moved to my hard drive. The video file is 2 hours and involves filenames VTS_01_0.VOB through VTS_01_6.VOB (although the selection that I make from the Media Browser brings in a 2-hour file identified only by title). The conversion worked beautifully and I got both picture and sound which plays fine on my DVD player. The one problem with the output of this conversion is that the sound stops about 25 minutes into the video and stays off until the end. This appears to coincide with the beginning of VTS_01_2.VOB. The same thing happened on another PAL DVD where the video of interest was 90 minutes long.


I know from the other thread that there are some sound file types that Toast doesn't work with, but this doesn't seem to be the problem here. The sound works fine for the beginning of the video and stops during the same title.


Can anyone suggest a way to get the PAL to NTSC conversion to work and include sound for the entire title?

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