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Invalid Argument when trying to burn ISO


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Hope you all can help. I have been working for hours on a video project for my son's class and I need 21 copies by Friday morning.


When I try to burn it, it lists a file name where a lot of the pictures are on my computer, then says that one or more arguments are invalid.


What does that mean? And how can I fix it?


I'm unclear what an argument is in this context.


Please help. Thank you!!!



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One should never enter into an argument with a computer!


If I understand correctly, you are using DVD Builder to make a slideshow.


I suspect that you have changed a file name or moved one of the files that was in the original project.


It should load up without it…


Also it would help if you included details on your project an it's settings.

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I think, DVD Builder makes a file that consists of a list of instructions of what to do with the files that will become the DVD. It does not CONTAIN those files, merely addresses where to find them.


If those addresses are changed (that is, the files are moved), it is stumped. It can only speak computerese, however, so it says an 'argument' (rather than 'address') is invalid. :(



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