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Overburn with EMC 9?



i have to burn 794 MB on a CD and i bought a 99 min cd - 870. my question is - can i make overburn with EMC 9, beacause i read: "Fit more audio — now supports overburn on 90 and 99 minute CDs with supported drives

Create personalized disc labels, DVD case inserts, and booklets — while you burn"


so it means that EMC 9 supports overburn, but how can i make it?

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The disc capacity is mainly a function of the drive itself and not the software. If your drive cannot handle the larger capacity discs, then you can try for a firmware update from the drive makers (if one exists)


I rem,ember my first CD-RW drive when the larger CDs first appeared. I contacted HP and got a very snooty e-mail reply that, as HP did not make 700 MB CDs they had no intention of updating the firmware to suit


In the meantime, just to show that EMC9 does indeed support 99 minute CDs



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If you open Creator Classic,put a 99 min cd in the supported drive and look at the dropdown at the bottom where you can change disc sizes can you see the 90 or 99 min size?

There's also a place in the Home app if you go to Options,General,Advanced where you can set an overburn size.

I haven't tried doing this so I don't know if it can be done for sure or not.


One very important issue is is the drive you have compatible with these discs.You may be able to use them but not get more than 80 min out of them.Try Googling 99 min cd's and you'll get a bunch of articles about the why's and why not's of using them.

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