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Backup Ilife '06 Dual-layer Dvd Onto Single-layer



I've seen posts on the Apple site of people doing this, but no one is explaining how.


How, with Toast 7, can I make a backup of my iLife '06 Dual-Layered DVD?

I only have a Single-Layer Burner built into my Mac and only Single-Layered DVD-R's.


I know Toast can do the data spanning between multiple disks thing, but, then, if my iLife DVD ever goes bad and I need to reinstall from the backup for any reason, how can the installer work if it's broken up onto multiple discs?


Someone please explain this to me. Yes, I'm ignorant :-)


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I'm not sure about the best way to do this. What I suggest instead is to use Toast's Copy setting to Save as Disc Image and backup the iLife Install DVD by writing a disc image to your hard drive. You'll then have a mountable backup on the hard drive. You might be able to use the disc spanning feature to copy the disc image to two DVDs but I haven't tried this. Let me know how it works if you choose to do that.

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