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Error 8004207

Jason X


Hello. I've just purchased this software today, and already I'm running into problems. I have a .avi file that I want to create a DVD movie with, but upon loading the file for burning, a warning shows up stating "Your project contains the following problems: MPEG audio format may not be compatible with all NTSC players." I've made plenty of DVD's with this type of file before, so I wasn't too worried about that.


However, upon pressing the "burn" button, another error pops up. It says "80040207 Error while  Encoding Movie 1

An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while  Encoding Movie".


Does anyone know what this error is, and how to fix it?

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Try the following:


Defrag the hard drive

Update your graphics drivers (from ATI or nVidia websites)

Install the latest DirectX 9l0c from MS (10 if you're using Vista)

If it still is throwing up the ewrror, try using software rendering instead of hardware

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