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Windows Task scheduler for backup mypc 6


I just got Backup Mypc 6 as a gift. When I tried to schedule a periodic backup I was told to use the windows task scheduler. When I searched the help for scheduling backups it told me how to create a task but it did not give me any command arguments to give to the scheduler in order to have the backups periodically run.


What I want to do is to schedule

- a monthly backup everything (Keeping two full backups)

- a daily incremental backup (keeping about 2 weeks of backups)


The backups are to go to an external hard disk that is connected via USB.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You can schedule backups from within BUMP.

First you will need to create a job for each backup, and as you want to keep multiple copies, you will have to create 2 monthly jobs, or modify a single job after execution. The reason for this is that when writing to a file, it writes to the same file name each time, so it will overlay the previous backup if you don't rename or have multiple jobs writing to different names.

For incremental backup you would need a job for each day as it will overwrite these too. A better option may be to do a differential backup daily, which backs up everything since the lat full backup. Also doing incremental backups, you would have to save all until you do another full backup.

Another thing is that you will have to have a password to sign on as admin on your system, a requirement for BUMP to schedule backups.

To create the job just go hit the backup button on the left, pick what you want to backup, pick the type of backup (full, incr, diff), and check schedule. Also pick file backup, and where and what file name to use. Then save the job with whatever name you chose. Then hit schedule. It will walk you thru the scheduling.

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