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MyDVD 5.3.0 -- Small Bug; Looking for Workaround


I'm hoping someone else has had the problem described below and has a solution.


I have a Dell Dimension 8400, running Windows XP (latest rev), and it came preloaded with MyDVD 5.3.0 and other Sonic software. I never tried editing a video or burning a DVD until just last week!


Overall, I really like MyDVD 5.3.0. It worked almost perfectly! I've burned several DVDs, and they play on different DVD players I have at the house as well as on my computer.


But one pesky problem is driving me nuts! After I edit my video project, I insert chapter points, and I ask for chapter menu buttons. The buttons are put in perfectly. Then I ask to animate the chapter button thumbnails. Here is where the problem comes in: for some unknown reason (some sort of boundary-condition bug, I suspect), out of 9 thumbnails, one or two of them typically display only a solid green screen when I run a preview. The resulting burned DVD displays the same way.


By experimenting with moving the location of the Chapter boundaries, I have both made matters worse (i.e., greening out one or more other buttons) or actually improved the situation (the animated button thumbnail displays properly), but I have never been able to get all the buttons to display properly at the same time.


I also discovered that merely changing the text in the button label of one button can cause another button (usually the preceding one) to go bad (i.e., go green). I've spent many many hours moving my chapter boundaries and trying different menu button labeling, but, in general, I only make it worse, and only on occasion have I actually made it better--but never completely correct.


The closest I have come to perfection is getting all the buttons to animate correctly, except for one, and that one was correctly animated for the first few seconds but then went to green for the rest of the 15-second animated loop (after a split in the video).


I should point out that all the buttons link to the proper section of the entire video and that all "chapters" play correctly. The only problem is in the animation of the chapter menu buttons themselves. The actual video sections to which they link are perfect in preview, and they burn perfectly as well.


My questions to the forum are:


1. Has anybody seen this problem before? If so, what is causing it, and is there a fix?

2. Is this the type of problem that is resolved in an upgraded version of MyDVD or another product?


If I could get around this particular problem, I am content to continue using MyDVD 5.3.0 to burn the DVDs I want to burn. I love the user interface and find it quite easy to use and set up the way I want.


Alternatively, what is the best software to accomplish my primary task, which is to convert my old videotapes to DVDs with text overlays and chapter divisions? (I already have a VCR-DVD combination set which I can use to burn the raw video to a DVD, which I can then import into MyDVD or other software for more advanced editing.) Suggestions welcome.

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