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I cannot find that Soundsoap is installed on my program. Where do I find that program on the disk? Is it a separate installed? In the jacket of the CD packet has information on it with serial number, etc. However, the installation process is not asking me for it and Roxio did not provide any additional instructions. After waiting for over a month, I finally received and installed EMC 9 Deluxe Suite on my Vista computer. The main reason I upgraded from EMC 9 Suit was for the SoundSoap ad I received from Roxio. It was my understanding from the ad that the Deluxe version was Vista ready all the way. Am I missing something?


Can anyone help me with this? Thanks,



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Eugene and Dave,


What are you expecting to get out of Sound Soap? Although it nicely cleans audio but not perfectly; it is very limited for video work.


In my experience - Roxio Sound Editor< Sound Soap< Gold Wave. Gold Wave has a very lenient trial period. if you really want to work with the audio, try GoldWave. It doesn't cost that much if you are truly interested in cleaning up audio files.


I can't believe that anyone would by a suite of programs like EMC 9 just to get a audio clean up program. Perhaps and exaggeration.


PS, I own the full version of Sound Soap so Im familiar with it and just not the LE version.

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It doesn't install in Vista - it's not compatible (don't shout at Roxio - it's a third party app ;) )


I'm running Soundsoap 2.1.1SE in Vista Home Premium Daithi. It is very compatible. BTW, for anyone that "is" running it in XP or Vista and you can't get it to open an MP3 file do to a "Parse" error,for editing or cleaning, you have to have "Quick Time" player installed for it to open them. I fought that problem for months and finally got an e-mail from Bias advising me install Quick Time. Now I have no probelms.


I agree with Steve however that it is not the best audio/video cleaner.



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I check the SoundSoap website, they have fixed their version to work with Vista but they say that the SE version of Roxio's responsibility.


Roxio seem to be ignoring the problem! I contacted their tech support telling them that I had problems installing Soundsoap on Vista and after several messages and them closing the call without giving an answer they then asked me if I was using Vista. DOH! They are absolutely useless!


My only reason for choosing the Deluxe version was SoundSoap, this is such a ripoff!


If anyone from Roxio checks these forums can they tell us if they're ever going to provide a fix for the software ROXIO advertised as part of their package/bundle and that ROXIO supplied as part of their package/bundle. The advert said compatible with Vista, it didn't mention "except for the extra bits you pay for if you upgrade to the deluxe version"!

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