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Audio Transcode



I'm a bit mystified and am hoping someone may be able to shed to shed some light.


After much trial and error I finally found a scheme of settings in Sorenson Squeeze which seemed to make DVDit Pro HD happy enough to not insist on re-encoding my (non-HD) video.


However, it still insists on transcoding my audio, audio that, according to this support site, should be fully supported and compliant. I am exporting audio our of my editing platform (Avid) as uncompressed.aiff, 48K sample, 16 bit, stereo, 1536 kbps.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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only AC3 is going to pass through legally to BD disc. If your setting is PCM there will always be a transcode. Hopefully this will change with a future version though there is no timetable for that.



That's fine, Scott. I can convert to AC3, and thanks for the answer. If the above is true, though, then this page...




...is very misleading.

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