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Overlay Motion Not Smooth



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I have a Dell DIMENSION DIM4500, Pentium®4, 512 RAM running on Windows XP, Serv. Pack 2. My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420.


When I first installed EMC9 I DID have issues with my video card. I deleted MS drivers from my computer and went to NVIDIAs web to download their drivers. That seemed to do the trick; there were no more video card errors, so, I thought everything was good. I also have the most updated version of DirectX. Do you think it's still with the video card? Is there a specific video card you recommend that really works perfectly with EMC 9? Perhaps I should upgrade my RAM? What would be the ideal scenario for my "older" pc?

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They don't seem to slide/tumble/spin smoothly;
Sounds like a video card / driver issue. Videowave/MyDVd really requires a good video card that supports DirectX 9. Make sure your drivers are updated and that you have the latest DirectX update. Could also just be an issue with other hardware. Does you computer meet the minimum requirements?
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