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MYPC Backup Deluxe Upgrade Needs BUMP.msi



I downloaded the upgrade (MYPC Backup Deluxe for Easy CD Creator Deluxe) and it keeps failing installation. The installation program keeps asking for a program called BUMP.msi. I can't find this program on my PC. Where can I get the program or kill the installation program?



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If you downloaded this from the Home app,update portion and you were running EMC9 under XP then you didn't have to.

All this was for was for people running v9.1 in Vista.BUMP wasn't included and the update was just so people could have it.

I'm not at a v9 machine right now so I can't get at the file but if it's a zip or exe file you could make a folder on your desktop,right click on the downloaded file and extract the contents to your new folder.Now look and see if you find the BUMP.msi file.

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