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Audio in transcoded files plays OK in EMC8 (and lots of other players) but not EMC9



A Transport Stream (*.tp) file recorded from digital TV broadcast (i.e., over the air) was the object of an add/movie operation in both VideoWave and MyDVD.


This provokes a dialog which results in the *.tp file being transcoded to an mpeg (*.mpg) file.


When the resulting *.mpg file is played in EMC9 (e.g., preview) the audio is defective (persistent scratchiness might describe the resulting sound).


However, the resulting file can be played normally by the following players (unless otherwise noted the platform is W2K) -


- MyHD Tuner Card

- Fusion HDTV Tuner Card

- Roxio DVD Max Software player

- Roxio EMC8 (VideoWave or MyDVD) preview

- Windows Media Player 10 running on WXP


Windows Media Player 9 running on W2K cannot play the file at all. However, this is the only other (than EMC9) player I have that does not play the file properly.


Unfortunately, the audio defect also finds its way onto the DVD created using EMC9.


EMC9 is running on the same W2K system as the Fusion HDTV Tuner Card.


It is observed that there seems to be some difference in audio decoders between EMC8 and EMC9. When displaying the properties for the subject file, under Audio Stream > Compression, EMC9 indicates "Sonic Cinemaster Audio Decoder 4.2" whereas EMC8 indicates "Roxio Audio Decoder (DVD)".


Explanation would be greatly appreciated!

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