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Importing PAL/SECAM VHS into EMC9 Deluxe via Dazzle



Hello everybody,

This is my first post. Basically I am fed up with my Pinnacle Studio 9.4/Dazzle 150[Dazzle 150 just stopped working after a year or so] and I am looking for a new product and I am considering this one. My primary interest is converting many hours of PAL VHS tapes to DVD, and a few SECAM VHS tapes I get from time to time. Does anyone know if I can capture analog VHS PAL/SECAM tapes with this product? Thanks

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I bought a SCART adaptor (SCART plug to RCA/S-VHS connectors) and use that to feed to the Dazzle


Make sure you get one that is fully connected and with an in/out switch on it


When I lived in Europe I had a VCR that had a SCART connection, it was a cable that was used in place of RCA cables. MY Multi system VCR here in the US has RCA in and out that is not the problem. I simply want to know if the Roxio program supports PAL/SECAM incoming signals.

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It does accept 625 line 25 fps PAL colour (well mine does but then I don't have 525 line 30 fps TV here) :lol:


Seriously, so long as your computer graphics can handle the input, then it should take it. It doesn't care what you feed it so long as the hardware can handle it


If you want to give it a try, there's a 30 day free trial (albeit a cut-down version) available here

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