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Upgrade from EMC8 to 9 seems to accompany downgrade in video editing (trimming) function



The video trimmer in EMC8 (VideoWave8) contained a bar with start and end points that could be dragged to quickly move from one point to another within a video segment. While the help for EMC9 describes this capability the bar (with start and end pointers) is nowhere to be found. This makes trimming and extremely burdensome task.


Possibly there is something that needs to be done to establish this behavior. If so please advise?

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I'm running W2K with a ASUS V9520 video card (this is based on the NVidia GeForce FX5200 GPU).


With respect to software updates (i.e., drivers and DirectX) please recognize that I am running multiple W2K systems on the same computer. Therefore the hardware is the same for each system and the OS for the second system was cloned from the first. Therefore, OS (W2K, DirectX and drivers) are the same for both systems. I am running EMC9 on one of these systems which never had a previous version of any Roxio or Sonic software installed before installing EMC9. The same is true of the other system except that it is running EMC8 rather than 9. Insofar as my problem is peculiar to only one of these 2 systems I'm a bit skeptical about attributing it to platform issues. I'm more suspicious about the level of testing going into W2K and the associated Sonic/Roxio claims of W2K support in general.


My DirectX is the 9.0c version which until just the other day (looks to be 7/10/2007) was the most up-to-date for W2K. It seems that MS does not provide a redist package for W2K which is the preferred method for managing updates to multiple systems. Per the above suggestion I used the web installer to update the system running EMC9. This produced a somewhat interesting result per the following scenario -


1. Launch Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 (Roxio Creator 9 Home)

2. Select Edit Video (i.e., launch VideoWave9)

3. Open the same project that produced previously reported results

4. The subject positioning bar now appears in the preview window where it was previously absent

5. Select a panel (right click) from the Storyline view and invoke trim from popup list

6. The subject positioning bar is still absent from the Video Trimmer

7. Close the trimmer and find that the subject positioing bar has again gone missing from the VideoWave9 preview window.

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In Videowave, timeline view select the clip, right click click trim. That brings up the window shown in the pic, with the bar. Is that the one you mean? Click on and drag the green triangle (for trim at start) to approximate postion, then use wheel for fine adjustment and click set start. Ditto with red triangle for end position.


Personally, I find it easier to trim in Videowave, time line, by going to the point where I want to trim, click split button. You can easily get the exact frame by going back or forward a frame at a time in the preview. It is also easy that way to trim a bit in the middle of the clip.


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Yes, this is the window. Only mine has no bar. Furthermore, there is no such bar in the main preview window on my VideoWave9 as there is with my VideoWave8. Does this account for why I cannot find a way to set a position in timeline view as suggested?


I'd post my window image but failed to figure out how to do that on this facility.

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We have seen display problems like this. What video card or chipset does your computer have? Make sure you have updated video card drivers and the latest DirectX 9 update which you have to do manually. Neither of these will be updated using Windows update.

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