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Moving & Renaming Audio Files



I am using Windows XP Media Edition along with Microsoft Office XP. Up to now when I install any new software on my computer a folder appears on my Office Shortcut Bar and when I click on it I can see all the executable files that I have just installed and choose which to use. Since I installed Roxio 9 I now get every time I click on a folder rather than a file on my shortcut bar a splash screen asking me about Moving or renaming audio files on my computer. Can anyone tell me where to find the option of turning this effect off please?

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I agree that is a nuisance (I also use the Office toolbar with short cuts to folders), but easy to fix: it is a registry entry that the install of Roxio creates and that is quite safe to delete using the registry editor.


Click start, run, type regedit, click OK or press enter. The registry editor opens. In the left pane is a tree like structure, clicking on the + next to a key (folder icon) expands the branch below it.


Click the +es to navigate to




{i.e. click the + next to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, then scroll down and click the + next to Folder, etc.}


In the left pane, right click on the key named RXDCExtSvr

click delete, answer yes to any warning message. Close the registry editor.


That removes the 'move or rename ...' entry from the context menu (the right click menu) for folders.


The folder shortcuts on the Office bar will now again have open as the default action when you click on them.

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