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Multi-burn slowness



I have 2 drives internal (light-on burners all the same). When I bur to either drive by itself it burns at the max or near max speed. If using advanced copy to burn to both drives at once it is painfully slow (1.2 to 720k). This is an issue weather using an image file or a disc to disc copy.


The machine in question has 250GB free space on sys drive (RAID mirrored) 1 GB of XMS corsair RAM AMD 754 64 bit 3000+ processor. Windows XP (Norton AV is disabled during burn session)


Looking at task manager there is almost no CPU utilization. ATAPI is set to use DMA if available (and again burning to a single drive works fine).


As of right now it is faster for me to burn one at a time. I need to be able to use both burners to save time (actually have some external but I will settle for 2 if it works).


Has anyone seen this or know what the cause is?

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Under the Roxio Disc Copier - Burn Setup Screen. When you put a check in the box by both burners does the copy # change to 2?


What Ultra DMA Mode is the IDE Channel set for on Device 0 and 1, the light-on burners?



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