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You people keep UNLOCKINg the posts to throw in your ONE-SIDED two cents and then LOCKING it back up.


If you want US to follow Roxio Policy then why the Hell aren't you?



did you read the article? I have.


1. they ran out of resources fighting for Consumer's Rights to Fair Use.


2. The Gaming Companies fired other Lawsuits to PROTECT their Interests and attack Consumer's Rights.


I have not read anywhere where it has been proven to be illegal only exhausting to fight Hollywood and and the Gaming Industry.


If you read the WHOLE First article posted, by me, it referred to how vague the DMCA law was and also hinted to how it showed no clause for FAIR USE which is as much a part of the Copyright Laws as the Copyright itself.


You all have not proven it is illegal to archive only expensive to fight the Wealthy Lobbyists.

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Who cares? This isn't a political forum. Just a simple fact that the product produced by this company will not copy any commercial DVDs. End of discussion. We will not let you or anyone else jeopardize the existence of this this forum. It has already been proven in a court of law that discussing or linking to any product that breaks copyright is illegal in the USA.


Also do NOT use such abbreviations. It is offensive.

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