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"Please insert a blank or RW DVD DL"



I have two questions.


I bought a HP with Vista and Roxie v9. I read a movie that is 8.7g but when I enter a blank DVD I get the above message. Why is this?.. I was able to copy and burn a smaller DVD (2.8G). I thought that Roxie does some compression.


Second question..when i tried to finalize the smaller dvd that I copied and burnt I received the following message "please insert an appendable data disk that is dvd write once media" . Since I was using a -R I could not figure why this didn't finalize


thank you, Ken

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First burn the movie to an iso (image file) instead of to a disc.Then open Disc Copier and burn the image to a disc.Disc Copier should compress it.Keep in mind the quality will probably degrade.

DVD's go more by time than space.It's usually around 1hr of best quality video to a DVD + or - disc.2hr to a DVD DL disc.One thing you can look at in MyDVD is the project settings and make sure that "Fit to Disc" is marked

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